Summit Sock Story

Posted by FL on Dec 11th 2018

We woke well before dawn in order to reach our goal before the day was out. The pass we sought to summit, towering above us at over 17,000ft above sea-level, was known as "Rotang La," which roughly tr … read more

Hangry Sock - BlueQ

Posted by JL on Nov 14th 2018

It’s not who you really are. You can’t help it. This unfortunate famished byproduct by no means exemplifies your chilled out satiated self. The unnecessary arguments, the friendships lost, mere frustr … read more

Out of My Way Mortals

Posted by FL on Nov 6th 2018

While working on an organic farm in Hawaii, I met a man as close to a saint as anyone I'd ever met. The farm was full of interesting characters, including a Sri Lankan copper sculptor and his reclusiv … read more

Tacosaurus Knee High Sock - Sockittome

Posted by FL on Oct 17th 2018

I took a class in college called “dinosaurs and their environment” taught by a man named “Thor.” On test days he would bring in his golden retriever so that we would all receive doggy blessings. Juras … read more

Peeling Out Sock - Sockittome

Posted by FL on Jun 5th 2018

This sock reminds me of my 3rd grade lunch menu, which depicted a banana proclaiming “our prices are apeeling.” The lunches however, had fewer skateboards and more teriyaki beef dippers. That is to sa … read more