Posted by FL on Oct 17th 2018

Tacosaurus Knee High Sock - Sockittome

I took a class in college called “dinosaurs and their environment” taught by a man named “Thor.” On test days he would bring in his golden retriever so that we would all receive doggy blessings. Jurassic Park was, of course, our primary text. My main takeaway from the course was that mostly what we know about dinosaurs is guesswork. Scientists put together dinosaur bones like a jigsaw with an undefined number of pieces that was scattered over thousands of miles and left to decompose for eons. And you can hardly finish that 1000 piece puzzle sitting on your coffee table since Christmas!

Recently, archeologists have realized how wrong some of our early guesses were. What we thought were new species were often just juveniles of other species. What we thought of as lizard creatures actually looked more like giant chickens. It took some brave people to say “I think velociraptors had feathers” before it became widely accepted. Tacosaurus may not be a well-known species. Yet, it sometimes takes a bold vision of the future to give us a clearer picture of the past.