Peeling Out Sock - Sockittome

Posted by FL on Jun 5th 2018

This sock reminds me of my 3rd grade lunch menu, which depicted a banana proclaiming “our prices are apeeling.” The lunches however, had fewer skateboards and more teriyaki beef dippers. That is to say, not as baller.

I recall standing in the produce aisle of a grocery store in Washington State. I overheard two women talking about the banana display. They seemed to be having trouble choosing their bananas. Eventually, one woman offered the second a bunch saying, “well, these are organic.”

The second woman shook her head and refused, “no, none of these bananas are local.”

So ask yourself: who do you want to be? The confused, if well-intentioned, produce customer? Or the bundle of awesome peeling past them on your skateboard while wearing these Peeling Out Socks?